PerformAir, It’s Simply Smarter Ventilation for your Animal Transport Vehicle

PerformAir is the world leader in ventilation technology for vehicles used to transport animals by road.

The PerformAir Vent is installed on the roof of a horse float, dog trailer or any other vehicle.
It provides filtered ventilation to reduce heat, humidity, dust, dirt, pollens and exhaust fumes.

PerformAir works to maintain the health, happiness and performance of your animal during road transport.

US Patent No. 8,007,554. PCT/AU2007/001196.

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PerformAir Vent

The PerformAir Vent and the PerformAir Filter combine to make the PerformAir ventilation system.

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PerformAir Filter

Cabin filtered air filter designed to absorb harmful gases, dust, dirt and pollen

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