Information about your animals health shouldn’t be difficult to come by. Here are a few frequently asked questions about PerformAir and the PerformAir ventilation system.

Q: Why do I need a PerformAir Vent?

As you drive around millions of harmful particles enter your truck, trailer or float and are a major reason your animals arrive fatigued, stressed, and dehydrated. These particles include dust, dirt, pollen, fungus spores, bacteria, soot and exhaust fumes that contribute to respiratory diseases that may permanently impair your animal’s future performance ability.

Q: Who can install a PerformAir Vent on my new/existing horse float/trailer?

Any trailer manufacturer can install this in your new float (please contact us for your closest installer). Any handyman can install the PerformAir Vent in your existing float. It takes less than an hour to install and only requires some basic tools (see installation instruction).

TowFix installing a PerformAir Vent

Q: How does the system work?

Refer to the “Our System” page for a full explanation.

Q: Can I use the PerformAir Vent when it’s raining?

YES, the PerformAir Vent can be used in all weather conditions without affecting the Vent or the animals inside.

Q: Will the PerformAir Vent fit my truck, trailer or float?

YES, the PerformAir Vent has been designed to fit all trucks and trailers regardless of make, model or age. One of our experienced installers can assist you with the installation over the phone if you are unsure.

Q: How many horses will the Vent cater for?

One unit will provide enough ventilation for 2 horses, or 1,000kg’s of animal.

Q: Does the PerformAir Vent come with installation instructions?

Yes, the PerformAir Vent comes with a detailed installation instruction, 11 stainless steel screws/rivets and an installation template.

Q: How often do I need to change my filter & where do I get them from?

The filters are designed to last for 12 months, depending on usage and road conditions. You can ring us or simply jump online and order through the website!

Q: Do I need a large space in my roof?

No – the space you require is 650mm long x 360mm wide.

Q: Can’t the same be achieved by opening the windows or rear doors?

Unfortunately although air flow will enter the vehicle, this air also introduces dust, dirt, pollens, exhaust fumes and other harmful particles into your float and therefore your animal’s respiratory system. The PerformAir Vent stops this from occurring by providing appropriate filtered airflow from the cleanest point of the vehicle.


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