Customer Testimonials

Hellen Donnelly answers some questions about the PerformAir Vent fitted to her horse float.
Helen is a horse trainer and is concerned about the heat and humidity in her float when her thoroughbreds are transported.


Written Testimonial

Rochelle King- Andrews – Head Trainer & Director at KEA Training Stable

“We have worried and stressed about our top horses travelling to shows and becoming overheated and inhaling dust and pollution for years. When we installed the PerformAir vents for the first time I unloaded my horse and he was cool and not coughing! I can now have my horse arrive in top shape. My favourite horse is big and struggles if he is too hot so arriving in good shape is essential to a good performance. Thanks PerformAir . Where have you been all my life!!?”


Sponsored Riders

Christine Bates, winner of the 2011 Sydney International Three-Day Event in Adelaide Hill, road tests the PerformAir Vent on her gooseneck horse float.
“I can feel assured that my horses are breathing the best possible air to and from events”.

Stay tuned for more sponsored riders. See where they are competing, how they went and the comments on how the PerformAir ventilation system helps their team win more races, events and competitions.


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