European Parliament Questions Heat Stress and Dehydration in Animal Transport


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In Europe there is a requirement for vehicles used to transport live animals for more than eight hours to be equipped with a ventilation system capable of maintaining temperatures between 5 °C and 30 °C with a +/- 5 °C tolerance.

This ventilation is currently provided by fans that do little to reduce temperatures, and instead provide mild levels of air circulation. The Commission is currently being questioned on the Council Regulation (EC) No 1/2005 and its poor enforcement of the required levels of ventilation for transported animals.

The basic requirements for ventilation in animal transport vehicles in Europe have been outlined by this regulation:

> A report conducted on this issue concluded that the ventilation rate recommended during summer should be between 63 to 106 m3/h/100 kg of live weight. Ventilation rates should never be lower than 10 m3/h/100 kg of live weight in cold conditions.

> The Scientific Committee suggests that ventilation systems should be capable of operating independently of the vehicle engine.

> The Scientific Committee recommends that all vehicles should have a monitoring and warning system for temperature and humidity as well as a means of recording these parameters. The monitoring system will allow the driver to take appropriate steps to remedy dangerous situations.

> A recording system will facilitate the verification of compliance by the competent authorities.

Many countries such as Australia still do not even have the basic regulations in place to ensure the welfare of transported animals, and need to do more to first introduce these standard basic requirements for transporters and then structure ways to enforce them.



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