Installers are now located in all major cities in Australia.

Onsite Installation

Drop your float on the way to school, pick it up on the way home!No fuss installation available from any PerformAir Registered Installer, located along slide trailer manufacturers workshops all over Australian and NOW in Europe.

Do-It-Yourself Installation

Download PerformAir Installation Instructions

What do you need for the install? 

All you require is a drill and a power tool to cut the roof of your trailer, all other parts are supplied with the purchase.

Mobile Preferred Installation

Can’t get to us? Have one of our friendly, experienced mobile installation team come to you and install your PerformAir Vent.

What do I need for the install? 

All we require from you is access to power and that your float‘s roof is clean from dirt and grim to enable the vent to be fitted with the utmost care and precision.


If you’re looking to become a PerformAir preferred installer please contact us


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