PerfomAir Attends Animal Transportation Association 39th Annual Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada USA


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PerformAir was invited to attend the 39th Annual Animal Transportation Association Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada at the end of April 2013. The purpose of the conference was to share knowledge and problem solve around issues that animal transporters face in surface and air transportation.

Problems ranged from transporting chicks on their day of birth through to the death of animals during air transport.

The issue of ventilation in road transport was also discussed and members from the University of Kentucky told about their experience in airflow dynamics in road transport. With no real solution for effective ventilation in transport vehicles know, PerformAir was able to educate about the importance of ventilation and how simple design improvements were able to yield much better conditions for animals during transport.

Of discussion was the ATA Poster developed for the event that explained some of the basic learnings around effective ventilation that have been learnt by PerformAir through their Research and Development.



Alot of knowledge was transfered during the conference and there is little doubt the benefits of this sharing will have a sustainable and long lasting impact on the health and welfare of transported animals by air, road and sea.

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