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The PerformAir Vent provides maximum ventilation in your RV or Caravan without any electrics or moving parts. Our innovative new patented technology also works in the rain keeping you comfortable no matter the weather outside.





No need for noisy RV ventilator fans that require maintenance, electricity or complex moving parts. The PerformAir Vent uses smarter ventilation technology that collects air through a specifically designed scoop that removes the need for electrics and moving parts, meaning less power costs and less chance of wear and tear.



Its aesthetic appearance is also functional, with an aerodynamic design that keeps it low to the roof of your RV or Caravan. Capturing air from the cleanest most efficient point of the Caravan and distributing that air flow where it is needed, minimizing drag and its affect on fuel consumption.


Unlike conventional windows or vents the PerformAir Vent does not whistle or hiss. It is completely silent! Its innovative design slows and speeds up the air in order to minimize the noise. This method of air collection also distributes the airflow evenly into the cabin of your RV or caravan.


Filtered Air for your Caravan

Ventilation is one thing, but forcing in dust, dirt, pollen, fungus spores, soot and other harmful particles is another. These nasties contribute to respiratory diseases that may permanently impair your health.




The PerformAir Vent contains a removable cabin air filter that removes up to 99.99% of particles  found in the air. Do you know what you and your family are breathing in when you’re on the road?



RV and Caravan Installation

Cut a hole and drop it in. The PerformAir Vent comes with an installation template and all mounting screws. Simply apply roof sealant to the underside of the PerformAir Vent before install.



650mm long

360mm wide

200mm high

Protrudes 130mm above roof and fits flush on the top




It’s just a smarter design – keeping you cool and your Caravan dry.


For more information call 1300 157 122



PerformAir Vent

The PerformAir Vent and the PerformAir Filter combine to make the PerformAir ventilation system.

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PerformAir Filter

Cabin filtered air filter designed to absorb harmful gases, dust, dirt and pollen

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Greater Air Flow

A completely natural cooling system that works as your vehicle moves…
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Filtered Air

Captures harmful particles such as pollens, fungus spores, dirt, dust and bacteria…
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Works in all Weather Conditions

All weather ventilation saves you closing windows in the rain…
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Diffused air flow

Maintaining stable and acceptable air flow over your animals…
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Free to Run

No electrics and no moving parts…
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Suits all vehicles

Trucks, trailers, floats, vans…
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our system



The PerformAir Vent and the PerformAir Filter combine to make the PerformAir ventilation system... Learn More

How it works

The PerformAir Vent is based on simple air flow & filtration technology that enables greater air flow for your animal during transportation... Learn More


Our experienced installers are available to come to you at your convenience... Learn More

Technical Specs

All you need to know about the technical aspects of the PerformAir Vent... Learn More


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