What are Cabin Air Filters?


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What is a cabin air filter?

A cabin air filter is a device designed to capture airborne contaminants such as soot, dirt, pollen, and other pollutants. These pollutants enter a vehicle cabin through its heating, air conditioning and defrosting (HVAC) system. Typically made from pleated paper the cabin air filter also prevents leaves, dirt, bugs and other debris from entering the vehicle.


An example of a clean and dirty filter (only 8hrs worth of use)

Why do I need one?

There are a lot of pollutants and allergens in the air all around us, especially on the highways and in cities. You may think that while you are in transit you are protected from roadside pollution, however this cannot be further from the truth. In fact, allergens and pollutants can find their way into your vehicle cabin through the ventilation and heating system. The cabin air filter is designed to trap dust, pollens, bacteria, and soot particles, those as small as 0.5microns with its particle filters. Thanks to a charcoal layer of the filter, some cabin filters can even block ozone and harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide and hydrocarbons, that have been found to make both us and our animals ill.



What about my animals?

Similarly, the cabin of your climate controlled animal trailer can also encounter these issues. If makes sense that if you have a horse that has allergy problems, you may consider getting a cabin filter for your trailer. This will cut down on the pollen and other air born particles that come into the trailer through conventional windows & vents. By installing the filter where the air enters the trailer at the front, similar to what occurs in your car; you will be purifying the air and providing this clean air for your animals to breathe. The health benefits of a cabin air filter can greatly help your animals overall health, as well as cut down on symptoms of allergies and heaves, just as they have benefited people since 1979 when first introduced by SAAB .[i].


Why is air quality important?

Air quality is important to both humans and animals for a variety of reasons. These allergens and pollutants can become highly concentrated in a small, closed off space such as a car or animal transport vehicle. If you experience allergies, especially throughout Spring and Summer or have an animal that is particularly susceptible to allergies, you will understand the need to reduce these catalysts as much as possible. Air quality is also important for those with respiratory problems, as the cleaner the air is the less chance you will contract respiratory illness such as heaves, travel sickness or Inflammatory Airways Disease. Additionally, air quality is important increasing your overall oxygen intake, which can result in better bloodflow to muscles and increased overall performance.



[i] 2008 Kalogeridis K, Filter Manufacturers Council – www.mistyhealthyair.org




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The PerformAir Vent and the PerformAir Filter combine to make the PerformAir ventilation system... Learn More

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